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RMC has more subscribers than all other refunding bulletins combined! Michele Easter has been featured on:
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Michele Easter has published Refunding Makes Cents for 18 years. Join thousands of subscribers from every state. Each month you will receive:

  • 90-100 page issue
  • Information about 400-800 new refund offers
  • 20 page ad section
  • Good Deal Alerts
  • 8 pages of “Tips & Talk” featuring reader letters and pictures (For a sample, see “Reader Pictures & Stories”)
  • Many, many features and helps too numerous to mention

You need Refunding Makes Cents! If you want the most complete list of current refunds with complete addresses and requirements, you can’t get it on-line. Join our family of traders.
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There are four ways to subscribe to Refunding Makes Cents.
Choose the way that is easiest for you. You can:

  • 1) Snail mail (Refunding Makes Cents, Box 969, Bountiful, UT 84011 -- check, money order, credit card)

  • 2) Fax (1-801-296-1993 -- credit card)

  • 3) Call our answering machine (1-801-294-7231 -- credit card)

  • 4) E-mail (Easter@RefundCents.com -- credit card)

Keep reading for details on all four methods


Snail Mail

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1)  Here’s how to SNAIL MAIL:
Print out this subscription blank, (or just use a piece of paper),
then snail mail your subscription, with payment, to:

Refunding Makes Cents
Box 969
Bountiful, UT 84011

(    ) one year $25
(    ) six months $13
(    )
three months $7

Name: __________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________

Please send check, money order, or Visa/Mastercard credit card number with expiration date. 

If someone who already subscribes to RMC referred you, please give their name so they will receive RMC credit J. Darlene Shea PO Box 6887 Maryville TN 37803

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2) FAX:  You can fax us at 1-801-296-1993 with your subscription order.

Be sure to include your full
name and address, zip, and credit card number and expiration (Visa/Mastercard).


Answering Machine

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3) Call our answering machine 1-801-294-7231. Leave a message including your full name and address, credit card number and expiration. Be sure to speak slowly and clearly. If you’d like, leave your phone number so we can get back to you if any of the information is unclear.

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4) E-Mail. If you are willing to e-mail your credit card number and expiration, you can subscribe
 via the Internet. Send your name and mailing address along with Visa/Mastercard number
and expiration to
For security reasons, some people feel better breaking their credit card number into two parts
and sending one e-mail right after  the other. That is up to you.


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THANKS FOR YOUR ORDER! We mail on the 10th of each month, via second class postage. Most people receive their issues on about the 20th of each month. If you are especially anxious to get your first issue, you can send an extra $1.75 for first class postage for that single issue, and you will get it within a few days of receiving your order. If you opt to do this, please send a note with your subscription explaining that that is what you want to do.

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